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The is by far the most bizarre Fuck A Fan in history. Our lucky winner, Mario, from New Mexico told us a tale of how he had answered an ad on the internet to be in porn and wound up getting fucked in the ass by the girl on the shoot. Well we took pity on Mario and paired him up with sexy Euro babe Cindy Hope. Mario starts off the scene by demonstrating how flexible he is, Mario can even lick the tip of his own dick. Yes, you are reading correctly Mario can suck his own cock. After a few minutes of having sex with Cindy, fluffer Charisma decides to play a joke on Mario, by coming up behind him with a dildo. Much to our shock and surprise, Mario was willing to spread his ass and lets her fuck him up the butt. Like we said, this is the most unusual and perhaps disturbing Fuck A Fan episode ever. This fuck a fan is literally Fuck a Fan!
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