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Kimberly Kiss aka 49 aka Danielle Love is a girl who does not want to be found. She is a freshman in college and claims this is the only porn she will ever do. Kimberly's boyfriend is the jealous type and we can only imagine all the horrible things he would do to Porno Dan if he ever saw this! She decides to use the number 49 as a new stage name, so yeah there's no way her bf would ever find her...pigs can fly too! Anyways, her lucky fan is an electrician/rapper named Chadley Von Madley. No, we did not make that up. Its even tattooed on his back for Christ Sake. The anal loving fluffer Amy Brooke is instantly in love with this dude for some reason and is so jealous that Kimberly will be the one fucking him! Watch this "one time only" porn star Kimberly suck and get fucked hard by this electro poser! It ends with him blasting his load all over her cute little body! Something tells me this will not be number 49's last video.
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