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Tiffany Tyler is so damn naturally pretty, that she caught the attention of many people when she entered the adult business. She definitely caught the fancy of her lucky Fuck A Fan, Simon when he saw her in our Porn Star Tweet Movie. He was so taken with her the emailed us and said if we could get Tiffany Tyler he would fly across the pond from London. When he said that we knew we had to get this dedicated chap on our show. Well Simon makes the 14 hour plane hour ride and comes to our set with the lager or jet lag as us Yanks say. Tiffany Tyler works over Fuck A Fan Simon, he gets so excited he accidentally shot inside her sweet pussy giving her a creampie. Who can blame him you wouldn’t want to stop Tiffany if you were in his shoes. Watch Tiffany Tyler make Simon one of the happiest fans in the world!
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